Within your office, the chances are that you are heavily-reliant on having a fully-functioning printer. Should something go wrong, you will no-doubt want to try and rectify the situation as quickly as possible. However, there may be some of you out there that do not have a full working knowledge of inkjet printers, and are therefore unsure as to how to identify if an ink cartridge is in-need of replacing. If this describes you, have no fear - below, Toner One has taken the liberty of highlighting four signs that you should be on the lookout for.

1. Your printer notifies you

Depending on how long you have owned your printer, it is entirely possible that you are blessed with a relatively modern unit. In recent years, manufacturers have sought to include control panels on their printers; the reason for this is so that you have more control over your application. In this instance, you may be informed as to when your inkjet cartridge is redundant, thereby ensuring that you install a replacement in a timely fashion.

2. Your print quality significantly declines

Arguably the easiest way in which to spot that perhaps the time has come to place an order for ink cartridges is to look at the documents that you have recently printed. If you notice that there are a large number of streaky lines across the page, this is a clear indication that your ink levels are not at the level that they should be. When you are printing in colour, this is a problem that becomes even-more evident.

3. The ink is clumpy

Unfortunately, even if there is sufficient ink within the cartridge, there is still room for errors to creep in. Case-and-point, if the cartridge was not stored in a suitable location prior to installation, it is entirely possible that the ink has clumped together within the cartridge. The knock-on effect of this is that there will be a major deterioration in the quality of your printing. If you would like to try and avoid this eventuality, your best-bet would be to make sure that you place your cartridges in a dry and cool area - this relatively minor action can pay dividends further down the line.

4. The coverage is lacking

By this point, we are talking about the fact that your printed documents may have sections which are entirely missing. Because of the way in which the cartridge operates, this could mean that it is nigh-on impossible for you to print a full page of words again, unless you take it upon yourself to replace the cartridge. As we are sure you will agree, this is an issue that cannot be left to stagnate - it must be addressed immediately, or the consequences will be irritating and detrimental to your business.

An introduction To Toner One

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