Are you shopping for toner cartridges, but aren’t quite sure which cartridges you need, how long they’ll last, or what yield to go for? It can be confusing when choosing toner cartridges for your printer, and you want to be sure that you’re informed so you get the right toner cartridges for your printer. Here at Toner One, we have compiled this post to answer some of your most commonly asked questions about toner cartridges, to help you when buying toner. We are your one-stop-shop for printing consumables, stocking everything that you need for your printing needs. We stock toner cartridges from leading brands, all at affordable, budget-friendly prices. 

  • Which Toner Cartridges Do you Need?

  • To find the right toner cartridge for your printer, you need to first know the brand of your printer and the size of cartridge you need (which you can find on your printer, or in the user's handbook or manual). Its important to choose the right brand and size of toner cartridge, to ensure that it fits with your printer and does not damage it or ruin its warranty.

    Then, you need to decide between colour and black toner, dependant on your printing needs. You also need to choose what yield of toner cartridge you want; this refers to how many pages can be printed using that specific toner cartridge. Once you know these details, you will be able to start buying your toner cartridges. 

  • How Long Do Toner Cartridges Last?

  • Toner cartridges do not have an expiry date, and they can last for many years, meaning you can buy several toner cartridges in one transaction, and store them for later use. They can degrade slowly over time and the printing results might not be as good as they once were if you leave them for a very long time, but they do not expire officially. As long as your toner cartridge is unopened and unused, and has been kept away from humid wet conditions then it should last you for several years without any issues.

  • What are Genuine, Compatible and Remanufactured Toner Cartridges?

  • There are different types of toner cartridges available consisting of genuine, compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges. Genuine toner cartridges are cartridges that are made by the original manufacturer, for example HP, Brother or Canon. These cartridges are of the highest quality, provide you with the best printing results, and will be sure to not damage your printer or break its warranty. Compatible cartridges are cartridges that have been made by a third-party manufacturer, and not by the original manufacturer. Remanufactured cartridges are cartridges that have been emptied, cleaned, and refilled from previously used cartridges. 

  • Which Yield of Toner Cartridge is Best?

  • Yield refers to how many pages that specific cartridge can print, and each toner cartridge will have its own yield. If you print a lot - for example in a business environment or a school - then we recommend opting for a higher yield cartridge as this will allow you to print more with the same cartridge for good value. If you don’t print as much - for example at home - then a standard yield is fine.

  • Are Toner Cartridges Easy To Change?

  • Yes, toner cartridges are easy to change and you do not need to be a professional or a printer expert in order to replace your cartridges when they run out. Changing the toner cartridges in your printer should be relatively easy, and if you struggle then there should be instructions in your users manual or handbook that came with the printer when you bought it. 

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