Have you just purchased a new printer, and do not know where to start when it comes to toner cartridges? It can be difficult to wrap your head around a new printer, and around toner cartridges if you have never used them before. Today our team here at Toner One have put together a short yet informative guide on toner printer cartridges, so that you feel that you can choose the right toner cartridges for your printer once you are finished reading this post.

Toner One are an online printer consumables company, stocking the leading printer brands including HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung, Epson and many more. We provide our customers with all of the printer consumables that they need, including ink cartridges, toner cartridges and kits, drums, developers, and more. We provide quality products, with quick delivery and amazing prices - so that you can purchase the printer consumables you need for an affordable cost. 

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What Printers Use Toner Cartridges?

Printers can use two types of cartridges, toner or ink, depending on the type of printer that you have. Inkjet printers use ink cartridges, whereas laser printers use toner cartridges. Which type of printer you purchase will be dependent on your printing needs, the space you have to store your printer, and your budget. 

Laser printers are generally larger than inkjet printers and more costly to purchase, and are most commonly found in businesses and offices that require high printing volumes. Laser printers tend to have much faster print speeds than inkjet printers, and have other advantages that businesses can make use of. Toner cartridges contain toner powder, which is what is used to create the text and graphics on your pages using a heated printing process.

If you’ve just purchased a laser printer, you may be wondering what you need to consider when purchasing the correct toner cartridges for your new printer.

What to Consider When Purchasing Toner Cartridges

Your first consideration when choosing which toner to purchase is the manufacturer of your laser printer. Is your laser printer HP, Canon, Dell, Brother? Once you know the manufacturer of your laser printer, you can then proceed with choosing the right toner cartridge for you. Then you need to find what model of printer you have, which is generally printed on the bottom, back or side of your printer. If you can’t find the model of printer that you have on your printer itself, it will be in the handbook that came with your printer. 

You will also potentially be met with yield options when choosing your toner cartridges. Most toners are available in a standard and high-yield option. Higher yield cartridges have the capacity to store additional toner and ink, which means that they go a lot longer before needing replacing. High-yield cartridges are often used in businesses and offices which print a lot, whereas standard-yield cartridges are used more for homes and places where they do not print as frequently.

These are the main factors that you will need to consider when choosing the right toner cartridge for your printer. 

Toner Cartridges from Toner One

At Toner One we sell toner cartridges from all of the leading printer brands, including HP, Brother, Samsung, Lexmark, Xerox, Canon, Kyocera, Okidata, Epson, Konica Minolta, Dell, Ricoh, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba and Utax. All of the toner cartridges that we sell are genuine, meaning that they are 100% made by the original manufacturer. They are also all unused, meaning that your toner cartridge is completely sealed and has never been used.

Our toner cartridges are available in a range of grades, which you can learn more about by visiting our Grading page. Our Grade A toner cartridges are completely genuine, unused and come in a pristine box whereas our Grade D- toner cartridges are also completely genuine, unused but do not have the original box and bag with them. You can spot the grading of your chosen toner in its description. If you have any further questions about our toner cartridges, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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