Are you in need of new ink cartridges for your printer, and are stuck choosing between the endless options available? You may have noticed from your research that there are several types of printer ink cartridges to choose from - including genuine, compatible, and remanufactured ink cartridges that you can buy online or in shops. 

It can be super tricky to know which type of cartridges to choose, which is why our team are here to help. Here at Toner One, we want to share with you some of the main reasons to buy genuine ink cartridges over compatibles, and the main differences between the two. 

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Genuine vs Compatible Ink Cartridges

If you are searching for new ink cartridges for your Inkjet printer, you may have come across the terms ‘genuine’ and ‘compatible’ when it comes to cartridges. But what are these names and what do they mean? 

Genuine ink cartridges are ink cartridges that are made by the printer manufacturer itself. For example, if you’ve got a HP printer, a genuine printer cartridge would be a HP cartridge. You can verify genuine printer ink cartridges as they will be branded with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). 

A compatible ink cartridge - also sometimes known as an unbranded, or third-party cartridge, is a cartridge that was not made by the original printer manufacturer. Instead, it’s made by a third-party company.

What are the Main Differences?

So what are the main differences between genuine and compatible ink cartridges? One of the main differences between genuine and compatible ink cartridges is their quality. If you want the highest-quality printing results, then you are best to opt for genuine printer cartridges. They will provide you with the highest-quality printing results when compared to non-compatible cartridge printing. 

Additionally, genuine ink cartridges tend to cost more than their compatible alternatives - but for good reason. By using genuine ink cartridges you can be sure that you are using the right ink cartridge for your printer, and that you are following the guidelines set by your manufacturer. You can be sure that your printer cartridges won’t be faulty, and that they won’t cause damage to your printer. 

Should You Buy Genuine?

We always recommend shopping genuine over compatible ink cartridges - to give you peace of mind, to keep your printer functioning fully, and to give you the best printing results possible at the highest quality. If you’d like to shop for genuine - and affordable - ink cartridges for your printer, why not visit our website today?

Shop Genuine Ink Cartridges at Toner One

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