With the push for recycling and finding ways to get rid of empty consumables in the most efficient and beneficial way to have a positive impact, at an all time high, we often forget about the real effect our day to day essentials could be having on the environment. By everyday essentials, we’re talking about the things you use on a daily basis that allow you to carry out your tasks efficiently; let’s say using a printer for example.

So although knowing what to do with your printer when it’s become too old to keep up with the pace of your work is ideal, what about the ink cartridges within your printer? The ink cartridges are the main component in your printer that you are likely to go through a lot quicker than any other, and understandably if you are using your printer everyday then this is something that is going to happen fairly often. But what are you supposed to do with any left over cartridges that haven’t been used but are no longer of any use to you? Well luckily, Toner One is here to help.

Not your Ordinary Plastic Waste

Even though your ink cartridges are mainly plastic, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are suitable for your disposal in your household recycling bin. Plastic itself takes a long time to break down completely and although the ink in your printer cartridges are not harmful to humans it can have a bad impact on the environment. There is in fact a more ethical and eco-friendly way to dispose of your unwanted ink cartridges. Unlike a lot of printer consumables companies, Toner One has introduced a buying scheme to our list of first class services which allows your unused ink cartridges to be used by someone that needs them rather than throwing away perfectly good products, therefore losing money.

Thanks to our trade scheme here at Toner One, your unused toner cartridges don’t need to go to  waste, in some cases you could in fact get your money back for your unused ink cartridges. So, instead of discarding your unused toner cartridges in your household bin or your local waste centre, knowing how to dispose of ink cartridges correctly via Toner One by selling them to us, really is the best way of avoiding negatively impacting the environment and even making a little bit of extra cash.

Creating Less Plastic Waste has Never Been Easier

Whether you have a single unused ink cartridge or hundreds of them that you can no longer make any use of, you could benefit from knowing how to dispose of your ink cartridges correctly. To find out if your ink cartridges are eligible for our trade-in service we encourage you to contact us here at Toner One directly. 

You can do this by giving our experts a call on 01462 233 669 where we will be more than happy to discuss your enquiry in more depth and generate a quote for your used ink cartridges. Should you wish to get in touch with us digitally you should send the relevant information regarding how to dispose of your ink cartridges correctly to our email address admin@tonerone.co.uk or by completing our online enquiry form which is located on the contact page of our website. 

Once we have received your correspondence we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible with a guide on what to do next in order to dispose of your ink cartridges correctly.