There are so many benefits to having a printer at home nowadays. Not only is it much more convenient than having to go to a friends house, the library or a professional printing shop every time you need to print something, but with a vast range of printers available on the market nowadays too, it is easy to find something that is perfect for your home and your needs too. 

When purchasing an inkjet printer, whilst the printer itself can actually be incredibly affordable, unfortunately, printer ink cartridges are notorious for being expensive. So, no matter how frequently you use your printer, it goes without saying that you will want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of every single cartridge that you purchase. To help homeowners reduce the amount that they’re spending on printer ink cartridges, below are some of our top tips for making every cartridge you invest in last that little bit longer. 

Avoid using large, fancy, bold fonts 

As you may expect, the larger the font and the bolder the letters, the more ink will be required when printing. Before you press print, consider if you can make any simple but effective changes to the size of the text. The same goes for the type of font too and Arial or New Courier are considered to be the best ink-saving fonts, they’re easy to read at smaller sizes too. 

Always use ‘print preview’ before printing

It can be so easy to get printer happy and press print before you have even proofread or checked the document, which often results in you printing the same document multiple times. So, always make sure you’re using the print preview settings to double-check everything before you press print and use up valuable ink. This will save you a lot of paper too. 

Make some adjustments to your printer settings 

The majority of printers are set up in the same way and this isn’t the most cost-effective way for your ink cartridges. Many don’t realise that you can actually adjust these printer settings and it is really easy to do so. Something as straightforward as changing the print quality to draft and only using greyscale instead of colour can help you to save money on printer ink. 

Use your printer on a regular basis

Even if you don’t need to use your printer that frequently, it is always good to print something off every now and then. Leaving your printer unused can sometimes cause the ink to dry up and the nozzles to become clogged, meaning you need to replace the cartridge. So, to prevent any waste in this regard, simply print a small document every week or so.  

Try cleaning your printheads 

When the documents you’re printing start to go streaky, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re running low on ink. Before you invest in a new printer ink cartridge, try cleaning the printheads first, this is a component that transfers ink onto the page. Cleaning the printheads can help to remove any dried ink which will then prevent the streaks you’re experiencing. 

Give your ink cartridges a gentle shake 

Sometimes, when your printed text and pictures start to look slightly faded, your ink cartridge isn’t actually empty, the ink is just stuck. Simply tipping the printer ink cartridge upside down and giving it a gentle shake can help to free up the ink, meaning your documents will print as required again. Just be careful when doing so not to break the cartridge. 

Purchasing new printer ink cartridges 

Hopefully, the tips above will help you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your printer ink cartridges and you can reduce the amount that you’re spending on them. Of course, your cartridges will eventually run out of ink though and when they do, be sure to visit the Toner One website for the replacements you need. We supply a vast range of cheap ink cartridges for a number of different inkjet printers, so it is likely that we will have the essentials you need. 

You should be able to simply order your new affordable printer ink cartridges on our easy-to-use website, but if you’re having any trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We are always happy to help in any way we’re able to. If you’re unsure which inkjet cartridge you need, we will also help you to ensure that you’re investing in the right products too. We look forward to assisting you further.