Geniune Oki 44574302 Imaging drum - Black

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The Oki 44574302 black image drum revitalizes your imaging system for black prints, ensuring precise printing for an additional 25,000 pages. Each Oki 44574302 black drum unit is designed for simple installation, and its expert engineering reduces toner spills, resulting in lower costs and less maintenance.

Part Number: 44574302

Compatible with:

  • Oki B411
  • Oki B411d
  • Oki B411dn
  • Oki B412dn
  • Oki B412dnw
  • Oki B431
  • Oki B431d
  • Oki B431dn
  • Oki B432dn
  • Oki B432dnw
  • Oki B512dn
  • Oki B512dnw
  • Oki MB461
  • Oki MB471
  • Oki MB471dnw
  • Oki MB471w
  • Oki MB472dnw
  • Oki MB491
  • Oki MB491dn
  • Oki MB492dn
  • Oki MB562dnw

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