Genuine Brother TN2310 Black Toner Cartridge

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This is an original Brother TN2310 black toner cartridge. Original means this toner has been made from scratch by Brother themselves. The TN2310 toner can produce up to 1,200 pages of crisp, sharp black and white prints so it's ideal for a small office.
You can replace the TN2310 toner cartridge quickly and easily with your brother's simple change-over process. First, open the cover of the printer and remove the drum, there will be a handle to help you take it out. Then move the green/blue clip on the side of the drum, this will release the empty toner cartridge from the drum, and take the toner cartridge out. Next, you will need to prepare the new toner by taking all the packing of it and pulling the tape out. The toner can then be slotted into the drum and the clip moved to click it into place. The drum and toner can now be placed back in the printer and as soon as you have shut the lid and the printer is loaded you can print again. The drum unit will also need to be replaced at some point but not as often as your toner cartridges. Simply take it out of the printer in the same way, and take the toner out of the old drum and put it into the new one, or put a new toner into the new drum if need be. You can use this original toner along with any other original or compatible TN2310 toners or TN2300 drum units.

Part Number: TN-2310
Compatible with:

  • Brother DCP L2500D toner cartridges
  • Brother DCP L2520 toner cartridges (includes; DCP L2520DW)
  • Brother DCP L2540 toner cartridges (includes; DCP DCP L2540DN)
  • Brother HL L2300 toner cartridges (includes; HL L2300D)
  • Brother HL L2340 toner cartridges (includes; HL L2340DW, HL L2340D)
  • Brother HL L2360 toner cartridges (includes; HL L2360DN)
  • Brother HL L2365 toner cartridges
  • Brother HL L2365DW toner cartridges
  • Brother MFC L2700 toner cartridges (includes; MFC L2700DW)
  • Brother MFC L2720 toner cartridges
  • Brother MFC L2720DW toner cartridges
  • Brother MFC L2740 toner cartridges
  • Brother MFC L2740DW toner cartridges 

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