Genuine Canon 718B Twinpack Toner Cartridge - Black

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This item is a twin-pack containing two Canon 718 black cartridges.
Each of these toners should provide you with 3,400 pages of crisp black prints. buying the two cartridges like this allows you to easily keep a spare ready for your machine as well as allowing us to get them to you for a better price. This pack of cartridges is also known by its part code of 2662B005.

Model: 718 | Part Number: 718B Twinpack

These toner cartridges are guaranteed to work in the following Canon printers;

  • Canon i-Sensys LBP7200 toner cartridges (includes; i-Sensys LBP7200cdn)
  • Canon i-Sensys LBP7200CDN toner cartridges
  • Canon i-Sensys LBP7210CDN toner cartridges
  • Canon i-Sensys LBP 7660CDN toner cartridges
  • Canon i-Sensys LBP7680cx toner cartridges
  • Canon i-Sensys MF724 toner cartridges (includes; i-Sensys MF724Cdw)
  • Canon i-Sensys MF728 toner cartridges (includes; i-Sensys MF728Cdw)
  • Canon i-Sensys MF729 toner cartridges (includes; i-Sensys MF729Cx)
  • Canon i-Sensys MF8330 toner cartridges (includes; i-Sensys MF8330CDN)
  • Canon i-Sensys MF8340 toner cartridges (includes; i-Sensys MF8340cdn)
  • Canon i-Sensys MF8350 toner cartridges (includes; i-Sensys MF8350CDN)
  • Canon i-Sensys MF8360 toner cartridges (includes; i-Sensys MF8360cdn)
  • Canon i-Sensys MF8380 toner cartridges
  • Canon i-Sensys MF8380cdw toner cartridges
  • Canon i-Sensys MF8540 toner cartridges (includes; i-Sensys MF8540CDN)
  • Canon i-Sensys MF8550CDN toner cartridges
  • Canon i-Sensys MF8580CDW toner cartridges 

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