Genuine Epson 18 Ink Cartridge Multipack - C13T18064022

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Utilizing their years of inkjet printing experience, Epson has created the Multipack 18 Ink Cartridges with color pages of 180 pages each and black pages of 175 pages. (C13T18064022) to produce prints of the highest possible quality. From the first page to the last, the cartridge’s print output will never be compromised. Ideal for use in the home or in the office, the cartridge utilizes cutting-edge ink delivery systems for greater print quality.

Model: 18 | Part Number: C13T18064022

Compatible with:

  • Epson MUFC Limited Edition
  • Epson XP-30
  • Epson XP-102
  • Epson XP-202
  • Epson XP-205
  • Epson XP-206
  • Epson XP-212
  • Epson XP-215
  • Epson XP-225
  • Epson XP-302
  • Epson XP-305
  • Epson XP-312
  • Epson XP-313
  • Epson XP-315
  • Epson XP-322
  • Epson XP-325
  • Epson XP-402
  • Epson XP-405 (includes; XP-405wh)
  • Epson XP-412
  • Epson XP-413
  • Epson XP-415
  • Epson XP-422
  • Epson XP-425

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