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X950X2CG: This is an original Lexmark X950X2CG Cyan Toner cartridge.
An extra high-capacity cyan cartridge, this toner has an expected page yield of up to 24,000 pages.
Optimized to be comfortable printing any form of image, you can enjoy clear blueprints on every page which are perfect for all your presentational documents.

X950X2KG: This is an original Lexmark X950X2KG Black Toner.
An extra high capacity cartridge, this X950 black toner provides a massive 38,000 pages of prints, each with fantastic crisp black prints perfect for all your document needs.

X950X2MG: This is an original Lexmark X950X2MG magenta Toner.
An extra high-capacity cartridge, this magenta X950 magenta has an expected page yield of around 24,000.
Optimized for all your red prints, this cartridge has been manufactured specifically by Lexmark for your range of printers.

X950X2YG: This is an original Lexmark X950X2YG Yellow Toner cartridge.
This X950 Yellow is the extra high capacity cartridge manufactured by Lexmark, and lets you enjoy a page yield of up to 24,000 prints (quoted at the 5% industry standard).

Part Number: X950X2CG/X950X2KG/X950X2MG/X950X2YG
Compatible with:

  • Lexmark X950 de ink cartridges
  • Lexmark X950dhe toner cartridges
  • Lexmark X950 toner cartridges
  • Lexmark X952 toner cartridges
  • Lexmark X954 toner cartridges

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