Genuine Samsung CLT-Y505L Toner Cartridge - Yellow

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The original 505L yellow toner is ideal for use in a small to medium-sized office as it can print up to 3,500 pages before it will need to be replaced.

Changing the empty toner is an easy job and takes no time at all. If you open the front cover of the printer you'll see the toner tray, pull it out towards you. The empty toner can then be lifted up and out. Unbox the new toner and remove the tape and carefully shake it from side to side. Then put it into the tray.

Model: CLT-Y505L

Compatible with:

  • Samsung ProXpress C2620 (includes; ProXpress SMART C2620DW, ProXpress SMART C2620, ProXpress C2620DW, ProXpress SL-C2620, ProXpress SL-C2620DW)
  • Samsung ProXpress C2670 (includes; ProXpress SL-C2670FW, ProXpress C2670FW, ProXpress SL-C2670)
  • Samsung ProXpress C2680 (includes; ProXpress C2680FX, ProXpress SL-C2680, ProXpress SL-C2680FX)

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