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15G042C: This cartridge is a genuine Lexmark product offering you exceptional print quality and the reliability you can expect from an industry leader. This cartridge is part of the Lexmark Return program which allows customers to buy Lexmark products at a discount on the understanding that the items are to be returned to Lexmark for recycling, once they're empty.
This cartridge, with part number 15G042C, is a high-capacity Cyan toner offering a colossal 15,000 pages of light blues (measured at the ISO standard of 5% coverage).

15G042K: This item is a genuine Lexmark product, providing you with the exceptional print quality and a very reliable product.
This cartridge is part of the Lexmark return program which offers customers a reduced price on their cartridges on the agreement that they return them to Lexmark for recycling once they've been used.
This cartridge offers a massive 15,000 pages, which works out at around 0.1 pence per page.
This black toner cartridge is also known by it's part reference of 15G042K.
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15G042M: This genuine Lexmark Magenta Toner Cartridge is a high-capacity product. As such it offers a larger page yield whilst still satisfying the same specifications as the normal version. This cartridge is also a member of the Lexmark return program. The Lexmark return program allows you to buy this cartridge at a reduced price on the agreement that you'll return it to Lexmark for recycling once you're done.
This cartridge should provide you with up to 15,000 pages of crisp clear prints (measured using the ISO 5% standard). This high page yield means that this cartridge is a very cost-efficient option for printing large volumes of colour items.

15G042Y: This cartridge is a genuine Lexmark product allowing you to produce high-quality prints with the minimum of fuss. This high-capacity cartridge offers much more toner than its lower-capacity counterpart.
The Lexmark Return program is a system by which Lexmark off their cartridges at a discount on the agreement that they are returned once they're used, for recycling.
This cartridge will allow you to produce up to 15,000 pages of vibrant yellow prints. This large print volume allows you to get a much better price per page than the lower-capacity version.
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Part Number: 15G042C/15G042K/15G042M/15G042Y
Compatible with:

  • Lexmark 752 toner cartridges
  • Lexmark 752dn toner cartridges
  • Lexmark 762 toner cartridges
  • Lexmark X752 E ink cartridges
  • Lexmark X762 E ink cartridges

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