Lexmark 64G0H00 Black Toner Cartridge

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This is an original Lexmark 64G0H00 black toner cartridge. An original toner is a brand new toner that has been made and filled by the manufacturer of your printer. The 64G0H00 black toner can produce up to an outstanding 32,500 pages before you will need to replace it so it's great for a busy office environment.

The toner cartridge can be replaced quickly and easily, to begin open the front cover. You’ll then need to rotate the toner cartridge counter clockwise and pull it out to remove it from the printer. Now unpack the new toner and make sure you have removed all the packaging. Give the toner a gentle shake to make sure the powder has been evenly distributed. Now insert the cartridge into the printer and rotate it clockwise to click it into place. Then shut the lid and you’re all done. You'll also see your printer has a waste toner cartridge, this collects any loose/excess toner used during printing to prevent any blockages or damage. Once this is full you'll just need to replace it with a new one to keep everything running smoothly.

Part Number: 64G0H00
Compatible with:

  • Lexmark MX910de toner cartridges
  • Lexmark MX910dxe toner cartridges
  • Lexmark MX910 toner cartridges
  • Lexmark MX911 toner cartridges
  • Lexmark MX911de toner cartridges
  • Lexmark MX912 toner cartridges
  • Lexmark MX912de toner cartridges

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