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X925H2CG: This genuine Lexmark product has been produced subject to the highest quality standards allowing this cartridge to produce the best possible Cyan prints for your machine.
This cartridge contains enough toner to provide you with up to 7,500 pages of light cyans and deep navy prints as well as subtly improving other tones.

X925H2KG: This item is a genuine Lexmark toner cartridge. Manufactured under the very highest standards of quality control this cartridge has been specifically designed for your X925 Machine, guaranteeing you the very best prints possible.

This cartridge will provide you with enough toner to produce 8,500 pages of crisp black prints. This high yield and low cost make this a perfect option for home and office use.

X925H2MG: This cartridge is a genuine Lexmark item offering you fantastic print quality and phenomenal reliability.
This cartridge, known by its part number of X925H2MG contains up to 7,500 pages of crisp black prints - perfect for most home and office applications.

X925H2YG: The X925H2YG Yellow toner cartridge is a genuine Lexmark product providing you with the very highest standards of print quality and reliability.

This cartridge contains enough toner to produce around 7,500 pages of vibrant yellow prints (measured at the ISO standard of 5% page coverage).

Part Number: X925H2CG/X925H2KG/X925H2MG/X925H2YG
Compatible with:

  • Lexmark X925 toner cartridges
  • Lexmark X925de toner cartridges

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