Whether it’s at home, or at the office, one of the most common questions that you might ask is when do I need to replace my toner cartridges? It seems like an easy question to answer, but many people don’t know what signs to look out for when the time has come to change their toner cartridges. Over time, toner cartridges will inevitably need to be replaced as they get used up, but it can be difficult to know when this is necessary.

Knowing when to replace the toner cartridges can help extend the life of your printer and ensure your documents look pristine, and that your printer is functioning properly. In this post, we’re going to share with you the 3 signs that it’s time to replace your printer's toner cartridges. You can visit our website today if you’d like to browse our full range of toner cartridges that we stock.

1.) Loss of Print Quality

Faded or streaky prints, or prints that are too light or too dark are all signs that your toner cartridge most likely needs replacing. Lower toner levels can cause a decrease in your printing quality, and end up providing you with faded or streaky text or images. Usually, this is one of the first things that people notice when their toner is running low, as their printing results won’t look as clear and good as usual. If you don’t change your toner, the quality of your printing will continue to get worse until you completely run out of toner. Should you notice a loss in print quality and that your printing results aren’t looking as good as usual, then this most likely indicates that you are running low on toner.  

2.) Error Messages

If your printer is displaying an error message, such as ‘toner low’ or ‘toner empty’ or another message that indicates that you’re running out of toner, then it’s time to replace your cartridge. If you ignore this message, then your toner will end up running out and the quality of your printing results will keep getting lower as you are running out of toner ink. This means that you will end up wasting paper and have low-quality printing results. Many people see their printer show them this error, but choose to ignore it and then end up out of toner when they need it most. The best thing to do if you see an error message regarding your toner is to change it as soon as possible so that your printing isn’t affected.

3.) Increased Noise

Noticed that your printer is louder than normal, or making strange noises that you haven’t heard before? There are many reasons why your printer could be making noise, such as mechanism issues, paper jams, or driver issues but it could also be due to your toner running low. Increased noise in your printer can be a sign that your toner is running low as it means that your printer is having to work harder to make up for the lack of toner which then causes it to become noisier. If you notice that your printer is seemingly noisier than usual, make sure you check your toner and if that’s not the problem then your printer might need repairing.

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