When you first buy a new inkjet printer, you will understandably be curious about how long your ink cartridges will last and how frequently you will need to replace them. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution and several factors will impact when you will need to replace your ink cartridges. From the type of documents you’re printing to the amount of printing you do, you may find that some cartridges last longer than others. 

To give you an insight into when you should replace your ink cartridges, below we have put together a list of some general indications that it may be time to use new ink cartridges. 

Low Ink Warnings

The vast majority of printers will provide a warning when the ink levels are running low. This warning is typically either displayed on the printer’s control panel or it will be a pop-up message on your computer screen. This notification is a good indication that you will need to replace your ink cartridges soon. Depending on how many documents you’re printing and what they contain, your existing ink cartridges might not last long after you see this warning. 

Some printers will also display error messages that indicate that your ink cartridges need to be replaced. These messages may appear as specific error codes or as notifications on your printer's screen, depending on your make and model. Take a look at your printer's user manual to understand the meaning of different error messages.

Poor Print Quality

If you notice that your printed documents look faded, streaky or parts didn’t print properly, this could be a sign that your ink cartridges are running low. Sometimes, poor print quality can also mean that your cartridges are clogged and ink can’t flow through the nozzle properly. In these circumstances, replacing the old ink cartridges with new ones should resolve the issue. If it doesn’t, there may be an underlying problem with your printer. 

Unused Printer

Many people don’t realise that printer ink cartridges can sometimes dry out if they’re not used for long periods of time. If you only print something occasionally then you may find that your ink levels are sufficient, but your documents still aren’t printing properly. If you experience this problem, replacing the cartridges should improve your print quality. It could be beneficial to print a simple document every week or so to prevent this from happening again. 

Large Print Projects

If you consistently print large amounts of documents, even if they’re just text-based documents, your ink cartridges are likely to run out faster. Frequently printing coloured photos can cause them to run out even quicker and you should ensure you always have replacement ink cartridges to hand. Keeping track of your printing habits can help you to determine how much ink you’re getting through and how often you need to replace your cartridges. 

Order Replacement Ink Cartridges Online 

Hopefully, the information above will be useful if you’ve just purchased a new inkjet printer and you’re wondering how long your ink cartridges will last. Remember to always look at your printer's manual for specific recommendations regarding ink cartridge replacements for your particular printer model, as some printers may have unique considerations.

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