Over the years, it is clear that the internal workings of modern printers have undergone significant improvements. Not only has their size been reduced drastically, but the overall quality of print-outs have sky-rocketed. Unfortunately, this is not to say that they are completely infallible. Faults can sometimes occur, and this is something that you need to be mindful of. If you are at-all worried about the damage that can be caused, you might like to take a look below. Here, Toner One is pleased to be able to shine a light on a few ways that you could reduce the consequences incurred by a toner leak. 

1. Don’t use wet towels

If you were under the impression that you could deal with a leaking toner cartridge with the help of a simple damp towel, we recommend that you guess-again. Not only could this have a detrimental impact on the electrical mechanisms housed within your printing unit, but it could also potentially make the mess even worse. You would be better-off using a bone-dry cloth, as this will mop the spill up in an effective manner. 

2. Keep your printer unplugged

In the grand scheme of things, this step may seem rather basic; however, the impact that having an unplugged printer can have on proceedings is incredible. It doesn’t matter if you have recently been using your printer or not - the fact that it has been connected to the mains means that it will likely be running rather hot. To ensure that you don’t burn yourself whilst trying to resolve the situation, it is vital that you disconnect your unit from its electrical power source. From a health and safety standpoint, this part of the process is invaluable.

3. Scrape the excess toner

Before you get ahead of yourself and contemplate the possibility of repairing your printer, you need to do all that you can to rid-yourself of the excess toner that has spilled-out. To do this, you will need assistance from a bespoke tool; if this is not available, a stiff piece of card should suffice. With this in your hand, you can slowly-but-surely scrape the toner out. A word of warning, however - this is a job that requires patience.

4. Complete a test-print

Once you have completed all of the aforementioned steps, it could be worthwhile completing a trial-run. This will give you immediate results as to whether or not the problem has been rectified. Should your print-out still be covered in blotches or smudges, there is a strong chance that ink remains loose. Whilst you are more-than entitled to dry again, this is where you would be well-served by soliciting the services of a professional repair company. Despite the additional expense, this will save you a lot of hassle in the long-run.

Toner One - Here For You

The pieces of advice above are incredibly effective; you can be rest-assured that if your printer toner cartridge leaks, these methods can enable you to minimise the damage. That being said, the fact remains that you will need to replace the printer ink that has been lost - this is where Toner One can assist you. 

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