Whether you are someone that frequently makes-use of a printer within the comfort of your own home, or are an office manager that oversees operations on a day-to-day basis, it is highly-likely that you will want to get the most of your printer cartridges. Whilst not being the most costly purchase in the world, this is not to say that you will want to be placing orders for replacements week-in, week-out. This means that you need to try and preserve their condition as best you can, and this is where Toner One enters into the picture. Below, you can find our advice on how to ensure that your cartridges do not fail you. 

Keep Them Upright

Usually, you will not be purchasing printer cartridges to be immediately installed within your unit. Instead, you will bulk-buy a batch of them, as these will be cheaper and mean that you are not caught-short in an emergency. However, this raises the problem of working-out how to store them. In this regard, you should look to try and keep them upright, as this can help to negate the possibility of a leak.

Avoid Sunlight

If you were to leave an unused printer cartridge in the path of direct sunlight, it would not take long for you to notice a severe decline in quality. This is because the heat from the sun could cause the ink housed within the cartridge to dry. In turn, this could render the ink unusable, which we are sure is a scenario that you would like to avoid at all costs. From a storage standpoint, you would be well-off if you were to keep your standby cartridges in a cool drawer that is rarely opened.

Clean Printer Heads

Although this does not directly involve your cartridges, this is by no-means a step that should be forgotten about. Anyone that has previously overlooked the role that their printer heads have to play in proceedings will tell you that this is not a price that you want to pay. By spending a few minutes clearing excess ink from the nozzles with the help of a cloth, you will subsequently be able to get more ink from your cartridges. This, as we are sure you will agree, is something of a no-brainer.

Don’t Open Them

You might think that when you take-receipt of your high-quality printer cartridges, you should open them up to check that they are up to your expected standards - we would advocate that you do not do this. As soon as they are hit with air, they will suffer from a quality perspective. If you can fight your curiosity, and keep your faith in your elected retailer intact, you will be able to celebrate further down the line. Having your cartridges in air-tight packages will almost-certainly pay dividends.

Thinking Of Stocking-Up?

It would be unwise for you to underestimate the importance of your printer’s ink cartridges - should these suffer a decline in quality, you will certainly be able to see the difference in the documents and other print-outs that your unit produces. Therefore, if you think that the cartridges are past their best, you would be well-served by buying replacements sooner rather than later. 

If you are in the market to buy ink cartridges for, for example, an inkjet printer, the only name that you need to know is that of Toner One. We are the foremost authority in both printers and their accessories, and are in prime-position to provide you with a satisfactory outcome. Why not get an order in with us today by writing to us at sales@tonerone.co.uk