In the past, you would be hard-pressed to find a successful firm that did not have access to a printer within its premises, such was its importance. As the years have gone-on, however, many companies have started to outsource their printing needs to specialist firms here at Toner One, we believe that this is a grave mistake. It is for this reason that we have taken it upon ourselves to offer some much-needed clarity in relation to printing misconceptions that have no-basis in reality.

‘In-house printing is expensive’

On the face of it, it is understandable as to why so-many companies believe that they are better-off enlisting the help of a printing business, rather than pay for a unit themselves. However, you would be amazed at the long-term savings that you can enjoy if you decide to opt for the latter course of action. Rather than be totally-dependant on outside help, and be forced to pay any price that they quote you, you can instead have the freedom to print whenever you deem it appropriate.

‘You constantly have to re-stock’

In truth, this is a point that is affected by multiple factors. Your choice of printer, for instance, will prove to have huge implications - if it is of a poor standard, you can expect to see the efficiency slowly-but-surely dip in regards to your ink consumption. Similarly, if you are printing vast-numbers of documents on a daily basis, this will naturally cause you to need to purchase more ink. That being said, restocking is not quite as expensive as it once was, which we are sure you will be pleased to hear.

‘You have to stick to the mainstream brands’

For those of you that are under the impression that only the same-branded cartridges are compatible ink options for your printer, allow us to put these thoughts to bed. After spending a short amount of time conducting preliminary research, you would see that there are various manufactures that can profess to having products that can be used in various units. Over an extended period of time, this can certainly save you a substantial amount of money.

‘Printers are prone to developing faults’

If you have ever been on the receiving end of a printer-jam, we are sure that it will have caused you a significant amount of frustration. This is particularly true if you have been rushing to adhere to a strict deadline, and this fault has caused you to miss-it. However, to say that modern printers are routinely malfunctioning would be a lie of epic proportions. Provided that you stay on-top of the maintenance requirements, there is no-reason that you can’t enjoy a fully-functioning unit.

Who Are We?

If you feel that you are now in a position that warrants the purchase of an inkjet printer, it is important that you find a retailer that is proficient in supplying top-of-the-range printer ink cartridges. There are various ways that you can make a decision in this regard; for instance, it could be that you want to look through customer reviews, in order to ascertain their overall satisfaction rates. Perhaps you will wish to browse through the printer cartridges within their catalogue, as this can offer an indication as to their versatility.

In both of these departments, Toner One is able to shine. With a not-inconsiderable number of Google Reviews, as well as a well-stocked collection of products, we will have no-trouble catering to your needs. The next step, for those that are interested, is to send us a message at and get the ball rolling.