One of the most tedious and irritating problems that can be endured as a printer-owner relates to toner leaks. These can occur at the most inopportune moments, and must be handled with the utmost care and delicacy. There are certain pieces of advice which, if you take into consideration, should help you to come to a satisfying conclusion. Here at Toner One, we believe it is our duty to teach our audience the best ways to deal with toner leaks; we hope that our advice puts you on the path towards success.

Don’t leave the unit plugged in

As you would imagine, when you initially notice a toner leak, first-and-foremost you need to switch the machine off and unplug it from the mains electricity supply. Furthermore, it is highly advisable that you leave the unit for an hour or two, before you open it up and try to see the root of the problem. The reason for this is that when in-use, the printer can become rather hot. If you were to touch any of these components without allowing a certain amount of time to elapse, you may find that you cause injury to yourself.

Avoid damp cloths

Whilst, to many of you reading this, this will be a pointer that falls under the heading of being ‘common sense’, we still believe that this is a tip which is worth reinforcing. Due to the numerous electrical components which can be found within the internal printer mechanisms, it is of paramount importance that you do not make use of any cloth that contains water residue. Were this to happen, the natural outcome is that you will short-circuit these complex and expensive parts, the replacements of which will see your expenses increase substantially.

Dab, rather than mop

If you are trying to prevent the need for buying a replacement printer, it is imperative that you do not simply attempt to mop up the ink. The result of this technique is that you will spread the spillage to more areas, potentially causing further damage that cannot be rectified. Instead, a better approach to proceedings is to look to dab at the spill. Although this is certainly more time-consuming, the end result might be more to your liking.

Use protective equipment

As you will have probably already realised, trying to resolve a toner leak is somewhat of a messy affair; the ink will have seeped everywhere, meaning that you will be presented with an overwhelmingly black picture. Therefore, before you try to tackle the issue at hand, it is important that you acquire the right equipment for the job - namely, protective gloves and a mask. This will ensure that you do not stain your fingers with ink, which is notoriously difficult to get off, as well as prevent any of the toxic chemicals from entering into your system via your nose or mouth.

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